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What are dosage guidelines for my laundry using Rosalie’s Zero Suds?

Rosalie’s is a hyper concentrated powder that can be used in ANY machine, including the new high efficiency (“HE”) machines, and older top load machines. Our scoop is just under 1 tablespoon of powder for a full load in a new “HE” machine. Dosing amounts can vary due to soil level of the laundry (light, medium, heavy); water hardness in your area; and the amount of clothing in your load.

For normal soil levels, we recommend the “laundry-master” use 1 scoop in hot or warm water on the wash cycle. We do not recommend cold water washing as this will not remove grease and oils from clothing - up to 90% of soil in a normal family load! For older top loading machines start with 2 scoops for a full load, these machines can use up to 17 gallons for each wash cycle.

If you want to check your dose - the wash water should feel slippery between your fingers after few minutes and you should see Zero or practically Zero Suds. When that happens, you have the right dose for that load and dirt level.

These guidelines should help you to conserve powder, take care of your clothes and machine, and get a brightly clean wash.