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Have you gone Zero Yet?

The goal is zero suds and slippery wash water.

We have been testing additional variations on dosage and have a few new guidelines here that aren’t on the box due to lack of space.

Rosalie’s is a very concentrated powder and in a new high efficiency machine the amount you need for each load will vary. It can vary due to the soil level of the laundry, light – medium – heavy; the water hardness in your area and the amount of clothing you gather to wash.

That said we have found in the new machines a good guideline for cleaning: if the wash water feels slippery between your fingers after few minutes and you see zero or practically zero suds then you have the right dose for that load and dirt level.

This goal will help you skimp on powder- something we frown on!

We find one scoop in a new machine with 10-15 pounds of light soiled clothes is ideal.

For spotting something like a thanksgiving tablecloth stained with wine, gravy, cranberries- spot treat the stains as per the box and use a full scoop in the machine as well. With only one item in the washer at this dose minimal suds maybe present for part of the wash cycle but will be gone by the rinse and cycles end.

These guidelines should help you too conserve powder and get a brightly clean wash.